Empowering Children

for a More Sustainable Planet and Future.

Our Mission & Who We Serve

The Greenhouse Foundation was founded to educate, inspire and influence school aged children in…

disadvantaged areas to become responsible stewards of their environment, communities and future.

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Foundation Goals

The goal of the GreenHouse Foundation is to create a safer, healthier and more sustainable planet

for our children and our communities.

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Our Founders

The GreenHouse Foundation was founded by entertainer CeeLo Green and his sister Shedonna Alexander.

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GreenHouse Foundation Kids
Children have the biggest stake in the future of our planet and environment. Ultimately they are the ones who bear the consequences of the economic, social and environmental decisions and actions made today. One of the greatest challenges we have as a society is to educate and equip our children with the attitudes, knowledge and tools needed to ensure healthy and sustainable futures for all.

GreenHouse Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit organization created to educate, inspire and empower children to adopt a green lifestyle so they can positively impact the sustainability of our resources.